Oxytronix music is a mixture of warm and screaming synthesizer sounds with deep shattering drum beats accompanied by emotional and melancholic melodies. He was born 1974 near Zurich. He started his music career with a violin. He was forced by his mother until she realized that he has no talent for the violin. Because of his struggles in school and the problems in his family he discovered electronic music as an escape from his difficult childhood reality. His parents refused to pay him piano lessons or to buy him a synthesizer after the violin experience. The artist name Oxytronix is inspired by Oxygene and Equinoxe, the two first albums of Jean Michel Jarre, the movie Tron and the word electronics.

Influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, he startet to experiment with his Amiga 500, a little monophonic Casio toy keyboard and some feedback effects from his boombox and the microphone. A friend inspired him to start guitarplaying, but he lost himself in experimenting around with the weird sounds of his new zoom digital effect processor, that was also used by Nine Inch Nails at this time. But his experimental music never succeeded in front of bigger audiences then, so he decided disappointed to quit making music.

After long absence from music he discovered the albums of Mercan Dede as a cure for his emotional struggles while his divorce. The mystical music of Dede brought him back to music making. He started to play the traditional reed flute of the sufis called Ney and mastered his craft by taking lessons from Suleyman Erguner, the brother of Kudsi Erguner who played the oriental Flute part in the original piece Revolutions from Jarre. A deep crisis in his life, after loosing his son, lead him to making some spiritual ambient music and he published some meditation music singles.

After his recovery he produced two instrumental Trap and Downtempo albums. Inspired from his record collection and the older albums of the Boards of Canada, he found back to his electronic music roots and published in 2017 the four Albums Oxipop, Micronox, Darkness and Night Shift on his own independent label Kanakland Records. His music is influenced by the electronic music pioneers from Jarre over Enya up to newer musicians like Leftfield and Lorn. His music is also inspired from classic composers like Beethoven, Bach and the classical Ottoman music.

His deep yearning for spirituality and his melancholy had always a big influence to the music of Oxytronix.

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