The Quietist





The Quietists music is a soft calming stream of enjoyable ambient sounds.
His music is exactly what the name promises. Maybe the most relaxing music on the universe that you will ever listen.

The Quietists first touch with ambient music and electronic music was in his childhood. His was first inspired by Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk,
Tangerine Dream and The Art of Noise. As the ambient scene developed he startet to listened  music  of The Orb, Orbital, Future Sound of London and specially artists onthe the Warp label. Most recently he  enjoyed Pete Namlook’s FAX label and the long open soundscapes created by Tetsu Inoue. He specially enjoyed meditation music and natural sounds. All these sources had her influences to The Quietists calming music.

He is always striving to create something beautiful and this is very obvious audible in his works. He usually improvises when he finds an inspiring  instrument or noise he likes and gently build on top, layer by layer. He likes to feel the music and be taken on it’s journey as writes it and his music takes the listener with him to this beautiful relaxing journey of relaxing sounds.